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Born in 1945 in Chamonix, France. Peter had two passions in life: To be a singer and a painter.

First comes a career as a singer, with 25 years of showbizz, stage, television shows, fifteen records as well as receiving the honour of representing Monaco in the 1972 Eurovision Song Contest. POP Concerto Ochestra

In 1986 Peter realised his other passion and talent as a painter. Working in his studio in Paris for 10 years, he created his first images for companies such as Dassault, Aerospatiale, Sony Music, Renault and Lucent Technologies

as well as many famous advertising companies, combining the passion of a researcher and the skill of a technician, boldly wielding his new tool.

Peter is now celebrating 30 years of digital creation. He exercises his talent as a new argonaute confirmed by the many international invitations and orders from Germany, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Switzerland, United Arab Emirates and the USA.

Aware of the incredible range that the digital palette offers, a world in thousands of layers, he plunges as a pioneer exploring freedom; a surrealistic adventure of fabulous fantasy.

Rewarded on several occasions, he was invited to inaugurate the first multimedia exhibition at the Paris Fair in 1999, an event showcasing plasma screens which are now part of our daily lives.

Peter entered into the Drouot Cotation dictionary in 2004.

He participated at the first digital art section at the Florence Biennale in Italy in 2009.

In 2010 he was honoured, amongst hundreds of digital artists, with the title of Grand Master of Digital Painting by the MOCA (Museum of Computer Art) in New York, where Peter’s art is present.

Back from the United States, he continues painting at his home in the south of France and today he presents to us his latest visions.

His works are 100% digital, output on canvas using the ‘Giclée’ method and uniquely certified.

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