About digital painting.

The day today is no longer to discover the digital creation explodes worldwide . Many artists have realized the benefits it offers and all its applications. We can also see that we have finally created categories to better understand these new techniques. Among these new classes there is digital painting. This is for me and since the beginning , the most important revolution. In may surprise you , I think , but it is only my opinion , to be able to apply the painter's gesture with all the new possibilities and more, is there really a more enjoyable for those who like to paint , or draw. An inexhaustible source of colors and shapes
accessible at all times . Free rein to your imagination and more excuses because in fact whatever the technique used is always the result that counts .
"The digital painting is traditional painting that cinema is at the theater " is for me the best definition.
This is 26 years of practice in all areas of digital . Photographic retouching , digital painting through the digital art of mixing paint and photography, vector, 3D and fractals. 26 years of happiness , to carry the message across the world and I am honored today. And congratulations to all those who said that " ever digital " and have changed my mind. These are the most fervants supporters who understood that does not stop evolution.
This does not diminish the merit of our past Masters that will remain forever. This is a new technology for creating pictorial . A revolution in the quality of images in the archive , in reproduction and in the possibility given to us thanks to the tool that is the computer to express ourselves freely.
I am a huge fan of the material , I can now say it could be a hindrance to my creativity. Head control , hand- eye runs and corrects . It has not changed but reduced the time between reflection and action. Finally, in agreement with myself.

To retrieve and reproduce all media there are all kinds of possibilities . For my part I use an output called " Giclée " ImprimanteCanon IPF 8300 large format an exceptional quality of restitution single copy of one of my works . on canvas. Otherwise ceramics , fabric, glass, paper, photo paper.

My works are always certified and guaranteed for life *